Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 in Review

Priya in Heels

Every book release is a major time for any author, and in 2014 I went through grueling edits, marked and accepted my very last word, sailed through the highs of seeing my book cover for the first time, the nervous attacks of release day, and the roller-coaster that is promo-crunch-time. It was hard work, dedication, and joy. No matter the good or bad, what matters the most is the feeling of pure happiness when readers tell me how much they loved my book. How they laughed and cried and rooted for my characters as if they were real is something that I can’t even explain. It’s a wonderful accomplishment that I’m able to share with others, something that they can enjoy. Also, my editor is the bomb-diggity.


Boy, did I do a lot of personal traveling in 2014! It begin in February with my girls vacation to NYC, having dinner with a favorite author, making new friends, and enjoying NYC after so long.

We went to Hawaii! I saw so many sea turtles, and a volcano, and had many Mai Tai’s and shaved ice. I watched hubby jump off a thirty-foot cliff at the southern most US point, and I made it almost waist-deep into the ocean. We played on rare black sand beaches, one of four green sand beaches in the world, and a fine white sand beach that was worth the long hike. I could go on and on…

We did this international convention in Seattle where I met so many people from twenty-two countries across five continents. I discovered K-pop through all my new Korean friends. Night and Day was definitely the K-pop song of the year for me.

My good friend moved to Texas, so I helped her drive and we did a three-day road trip. FYI, don’t go through the Arizona desert in midday during the summer…you or your car may not survive. At one point, we ended up in Mexico. Then I spent a couple of weeks with my family in Austin.

Saris and Stories

I am one of seven South Asian romance writers who founded the Saris and Stories blog, which launched last summer. There, we discuss the way of the South Asian woman, writing, interviews, reviews, and pretty much anything that comes to mind.

Writing Dates and Authors

I’m fortunate enough to know some amazing local authors to have writing dates with. We have drinks and food and chat, but boy, do we get a lot of work done! They’ve been so supportive! Sometimes…a lot of the times for most of us…this business is not easy, and it helps to have the support of understanding friends.

Aside from local writers, I’m so grateful to have expanded my personal association with so many authors. I’ve met some truly outstanding people.


I brought my teacup Yorkie puppies home just before 2014, but I’m counting it for the year. Gambit and Rogue are such rambunctious treasures. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow and trying to train them…they still have a long way to go.


We recently relocated and I’m happy to have met a few new friends. I’m very introverted and quiet, so it’s nice to meet people who can bring the loud and crazy out of me.

Reading List

My reading list is endless and I’ll never catch up. There are books that catch my attention almost weekly. Between shelves of hardcovers and paperbacks, five different e-reader apps, and the local library, I’m about a hundred books behind on my TBR list. I read less books this year than last at a sad twenty-three. I could blame it on my edits, my release, traveling, etc., but I know some people who have similar or more grueling schedules and have read upwards to over two hundred books. Yeah. You read that correctly.

2014 had a lot of new and exciting things, and I’m certain 2015 will, too. I hope everyone had a wonderful year and that next year will be bigger and better.