Friday, April 29, 2016

Pitch Wars Is Coming...

 I'm so excited to announce that I'm a 2016 Pitch Wars mentor for YA! This is such a cool opportunity for many reasons, but the best thing is that this is a way for me to pay it forward. Writing is a hard journey. Few authors get an easy route to success, and even then, there's many doubts and negativity along the way. The writing community is lifted by pillars of support. We encourage each other to keep going, offer advice and critiques, lend an ear, enthusiastically commend successes from getting a request from an agent to offers to book deals to releases to hitting lists to movie/tv/foreign/audio rights and everything in between! We genuinely love to hear good news, and that keeps the jealousy and negativity away. We know how hard it can be, so we find triumph in every success, whether it's our own or in others.
  Pitch Wars is a way to give back by spending time and energy in taking in a new author to give them a super boost. For me, it's adding positivity and a seasoned hand to someone else, to help build the encouraging writing community. For possible mentees, it's a way for them to connect with agented/published/experienced writers and get a polished ms and pitch. Pitch Wars has resulted in many authors signing with agents. And when this happens, trust me, we ALL rejoice! Many of those authors went on to book deals, and again, we celebrate! We celebrate over everything, actually. That's the fun thing.

  If you're an aspiring author, get your ms ready and prepare to fill out your application because you'll have loads of great mentors to choose from! There will be a category for each age group: MG, YA, and Adult. Genres and other information will be announced later, but so far, this is our schedule:
  • July 20 – 3: Mentor Bio/Wishlist Blog Hop
  • August 3: Writers submit applications to mentors for Pitch Wars
  • August 3 – August 24: Pitch Wars mentors review applications and choose a writer to mentor.
  • August 25: Pitch War mentees are announced.
  • August 25 – October 31: Mentors work with their team.
  • November 3 – 9: Agent round
  For more information, please visit Brenda Drake's blog. I look forward to seeing your applications!!